#MusicMonday x #NP Damien Rice “9 CRIMES" ♥ haven’t heard this in foreva-evaaa…

#TBT tunes! #NP Dion & The Belmonts “RUNAROUND SUE” fucking #classic ♥


dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

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#MusicMonday x #NP HAIM x Warby Parker “GO SLOW" acoustic. fucking fly as fuck ♥

#ThirstyThursday tunes x #NP Wiz Khalifa “THIS PLANE” +nosleep rmx++ so fucking chill.

#MusicMonday x #NP The Neighbourhood x Danny Brown “H8M4CH1N3" fucking dope.

BUT MAHHHHM if I take a bath you’ll wash away da evil, bitch! #ilikedirt

#NP Banks “FUCK’EM ONLY WE KNOW" lazy Sunday tunes ♥ #fojoo 

I don’t mind, don’t mind if everybody’s far behind
don’t care if they can’t understand the way
that you and I just want to be next to each other


just want to tell you that I see you baby 
do you see me cuz this is special baby

fuck’em only we know.

Atty gets mad hang time U^ェ^U

lazy friday tunes ♥ #NP Chachi & Musicman Ty “IS THIS LOVE" rmx

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